Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zen Flow Kinesiology Tape work?

Please see our "How does it work?" page

What are the benefits of Zen Flow Kinesiology Tape?

Please see our "How does it work?" page

How do I apply Zen Flow Kinesiology Tape?

We have a number of simple tutorials for you to follow "here".  Before applying ensure your skin is clean, dry and lotion free.  We recommend applying at least 30 mins before exercise to provide maximum adhesion.

What is Zen Flow Kinesiology Tape made from?

Our tape is made from 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, offering 160% -170% elasticity and allowing the skin to move and breathe. Our medical-quality hypoallergenic adhesive ensures that our tape will be kind to your skin. 

Is Zen Flow Kinesiology Tape waterproof?

Yes! Our tape can be worn while swimming or bathing.  Please ensure you allow at least 30 mins after application before getting it wet, this ensures maximum adhesion.