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Moments of Zen.

Welcome to Zen Flow

We're a team of fitness and wellness enthusiasts just like you. Our mission is to deliver the very best products. Designed to enhance your workouts and your recovery.

Our love of fitness and movement means occasional physical niggles and we know that if we don't prepare and protect our bodies...this can lead to long term injuries.

This passion to prepare and protect our bodies led us to engineer a unique kinesiology tape, with a 4-way stretch to maximise comfort, provide support and healing for your body.

Here to Support

Our products are designed to maximise your potential. Whether that's to help you go further and build your confidence, or to aide recovery after a difficult injury.

Designed by Experts

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The Next Evolution

Invented in Japan by Kenzo Kase in the 1970's to heal traumatised tissue and muscles. Kinesiology tape has come a long way.

Zen Flow kinesiology tape is the next evolution of Kenzo's vision to facilitate the body's natural healing process, increase blood flow, reduce swelling and help you stay active.

See you on the mat in a Zen Flow state of mind.